Q.) Where is Matter of Fact based?

A.) We're based in Tulsa, Oklahoma! 


Q.) When do you ship?

A.) As of now we are only planning on shipping once a week (every Thursday.) As this is a brand new venture and small business and the three of us have our own personal projects to tend to, this is the most feasible option! The goal is to grow enough so that we can fill that position and ship more often.


Q.) My items showed up damaged, how do you plan on fixing this?

A.) First off, attitude. Jeez. Second, send us a picture of the damage and we'll send you a replacement! =)


Q.)  I would like to join the regime of scientists and researchers who get to pre-approve the designs before you release it out to the world. How do I join?!

A.) Follow the prompt under the "Join Us" tab, or send us an email at human@matteroffact.design telling us what it is you do and how you would like to contribute! 


Q.) What sort of compensation will you be offering?

A.) Experience of course. Nothing else. Just kidding. As we begin to get this company off the ground we won't be able to offer a whole lot. If you give us a little bit of your time to review the designs, you will get a heft care package from us that will include said design along with many other things! Once we get this company rolling we plan on doing all of this along with monetary compensation for being good at your job.


Q.) I do the science AND the art as well. Can I be apart of the crew?!

A.) At the moment we're currently not looking for collaborators. It is possible this could change in the future, but as of now our hands are full. 


Q.) So I found this scientific poster/ tea towel and its ALL wrong. I don't know why I'm emailing you about this, do you care at all?

A.) YES. YES WE DO. We will revel in the inaccuracies while having a good laugh. The laughter will slowly morph into silent rage. Tyler will rant. A lot. He will go out into his greenhouse and share his rant to the world because he thinks others care. Terry will quietly sit back, pushing his glasses up with one finger, this is how he shows rage. Jeremy will make commentary on how outrageous Tyler and Terry are acting and proceed to turn it back into a joke.

After this, we will assess the damage, and spitefully make something that is correct.