The market has been flooded with trendy and massively inaccurate scientific material. Companies are hopping on this trend train and pumping out botanical, entomological, mineralogical, and every other ology based material they can. Often at a rate that comes with a complete disregard for accuracy for the sake of making something pretty to go over that barcart by the Kinfolk magazine and a bottle of St.Germaine's. 

We here at Matter of Fact believe that if we are to use the Earth's resources to make thousands of objects referring to the Earth's resources, then it should at least be correct. AT LEAST. 

Our goal is combat this phenomenon by making science based art that is both accurate and not super bad to look at. 

The driving force behind our company is our stance on accuracy and proper representation of these fields of study. To stand by that, Matter of Fact works with scientists and professionals in these fields to make sure our info is correct. If we make a design that doesn't pertain to one of our respective wheelhouses, we'll make sure it gets sent to and approved by someone who does know the damn thing. 

Which brings us to the next point- our respective wheelhouses. The three of us are artists and designers by trade or nature. There's enough creative brain power to produce completely original and unique designs. As opposed to the ever demanding chasm that is scanning a collection of old scientific illustrations and photoshopping them together haphazardly and printing it onto a shower curtain. Everything that comes out of Matter of Fact is original, hand drawn (or on a computer but still with hands) and vetted by professionals.